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The Powerful Effect of Music Therapy

    The powerful effect of music therapy cannot be explained. Music therapy is an ancient form of therapy that uses certain facets of music to improve the physical, emotional and health wellbeing of an individual.

    Have you ever watched a movie or series and seen a character walk into the hospital wards playing instruments for patients? This is a form of music therapy that uses the instrument.

    Other forms of music therapy may include listening to music and singing along. Additionally, swaying your body and jamming to the beat of the music, meditating and use of various instruments. Music therapy dates back to ancient Greece.

    Moreover, music boosted morale of the military, people working and even used in chants and incantations to ward off evil spirits.

    Music imitates the movement of the soul

    According to Damon, a Greek music theorist, music is powerful because it imitates the movement of the soul. Therefore, it has two faces. The first one is, it can suppress human passions and desires making it a powerful moral and educational tool. Secondly, the “animal” part of the soul is influenced when it is disturbed and calms it. This is referred to as therapeutic therapy.

    This was an interesting read, I remembered the story in the Bible about King Saul and David, 1 Samuel 16. When the Lord rejected Saul as King and He told Samuel to anoint David, the spirit of the Lord left Saul.  An evil spirit that tormented him came over him. When his servants saw what was happening to him, they searched for someone who could play the lyre because they knew that it would make him feel better.

    Therapeutic effect of the Harp

    This person turned out to be David, the newly anointed king. David came to the palace and every time an the evil spirit attacked Saul, David played the lyre. Relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.


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