Nagging Headlines

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January 25, 2016
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Nagging Headlines

There are times an idea comes to my mind and I quickly take out my notebook to scribble down. As I am writing, I feel encouraged at how ideas are flowing. I even get convinced that finally, I will have a masterpiece neatly woven with vivid imagination. As I check and proofread, I notice that I have left out an important item. A headline.

That is the biggest challenge I encounter sometimes. I am not sure if the headline I came up with marries the body of my article. I cant help but wonder if I am digressing from my idea.Sometimes, I cant think of any headline at all and I am tempted to post an article without a headline.Its then that I ask myself ” Who came up with these headlines?”

Why is it so hard sometimes to come up with headlines? I take the shortest time possible to weave a story but take so long to publish it because I cannot settle on a headline. As a writer, do you also experience this challenge? Am I the only one on this?


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