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Is Quarantine Homeschooling Tough For You?

    Is quarantine homeschooling tough For you? You’re not alone. Everyone of us was looking forward to a great year. We had all aligned the goals that we intended to achieve this year. It was going to be great. We would achieve a lot.

    No sooner had we settled into the year than the Covid-19 pandemic came knocking at our doors. Everything changed within a split second. Schools were closed, concerts were cancelled and working from home became the new norm.

    As adults, we have felt the heat of change in lifestyle, social lifestyle and a lot more.However, most of us seem to forget that our children are also feeling the heat of the change in routine. They miss their teachers, friends, playing. They would love to go to church and eat out as well.

    There are many ways of engaging the child at home. The video below highlights a few ways in which a parent can occupy the children:


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