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How To Achieve Top writer success on Fiverr

    How To Achieve Top writer success on Fiverr

    How to achieve top writer success on Fiverr is a question that many people seek to get answers to. I joined Fiverr in June 2020 but I started placing bids in October of the same year. Within 6 weeks, I had earned $440. This was after Fiverr had taken the standard 20 percent platform fee.

    According to my judgment, this is a good performance because I was still learning my way around the platform. Secondly, as a newbie, I wasn’t expecting to land gigs immediately. Even better is the fact that most of the clients that I have gotten have become repeated buyers. They often contact me and give me more work.

    Currently, I am two gigs away from becoming a Level one seller. This is a goal that I could have already achieved but I had to take a break to attend to some matters. In this article, I will share with you some of the tips that gave me an upper hand on the platform.

    Decide on the services that you want to offer

    Sometimes, narrowing down on the services that you want to sell can be hard. This can even be made harder if you decide to follow what is working for others.

    In my case, I chose writing articles and blog posts. After a couple of months, I added editing and proofreading. I have resumed working on Fiverr and I am contemplating adding translation and captioning services. All these are skills that I am confident in. I know that I can deliver a stellar job to the client’s satisfaction.

    In your case, list down all the services that you feel you can sell on the platform. I would suggest that for starters, you work with your first two. It will help you focus on marketing your profile and getting known for your service. After your profile has started getting impressions, then you can add more gigs.

    Create a gig and set the prices

    After deciding on the services that you want to offer, it is time to create a gig. What is a gig? A gig is a service that you sell and offer on the Fiverr marketplace. 

    The image below shows my gigs.

    The service that you have settled down on is what you will include in the gig. Remember every service has to have its gig. I’d advise you not to merge services because you limit yourself. If I had decided to offer content writing and editing as one gig, I would have limited my chances of getting job offers. You can also see that Fiverr has indicated my best seller gig.

    Make the Buyer Request Option your friend.

    On the dashboard, there is a ‘More’ button. When you click on it, it gives various options among them Buyer Requests.

      Here, you will find buyers looking for people to work on their projects. This is a good place to start because you will often find jobs that you can apply or bid for. The only downside is; the platform only allows you to bid for 10 jobs a day.

     Once you exhaust that, you have to wait until the system allows you to bid. However, that does not mean that your chances of getting jobs are reduced. You can also promote your profile to enable you to leverage external traffic. Someone outside Fiverr may just be looking for the services that you are offering.

    Market your gigs

    Marketing simply means making your gigs known to the world. Start by sharing your profile with your inner circle e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp status and Linked in. For a long time, I underestimated the power of LinkedIn. However, that platform has given me more hits than any other.

    If your inner circle is not able to order your service from you, ask them to share your profile with their friends. Another platform that has worked wonders for me is the Reddit Platform. Create a profile and join subreddits that allow you to market your gigs.

    Try to be online as often as you can

    Fiverr allows sellers to check for online sellers.

     This means that you are more likely to get a job if you’re online than a person who is not. If you want to make some side money on Fiverr, you have to spare some hours and stay online.

     You don’t have to stay on the Fiverr page the entire time. You can open a tab and leave it like that as you work on other projects. Keep checking if sellers have listed gigs on the Buyer requests and bid. I have included this tip because I landed a gig that earned me $70 by just being online.

    Quality work should be your motto

     Always strive to provide quality work and maintain a rating of 4.7 This translates to 85% of the gig ranking by the client. Otherwise, the platform will block you from seeing any jobs listed on the buyer requests.

    Fiverr also rates you based on the amount of time you take to respond to clients among other requirements as shown in the image below. It is in your best interest to ensure that you score the best you can.

    One time I worked with a client who was new to Fiverr. They had never bought services from the platform. I was their first. I responded to messages promptly, gave updates on the progress of the job, gave a provision to edit the work twice if they didn’t like what I provided. The long and short of it, I went over and beyond.

    I also delivered the job on time. Then I got a 3.3-star rating. I could not understand why. The only reason could have been communication. The time is taken to respond to messages. However, the delay was never on my side, it was on theirs.

    That was never a problem considering that we were in different time zones. The consequences of that rating were dire because I wasn’t able to see any more jobs. The only solution was to deal with that poor rating. By the way, how are you expected to correct or improve your rating if the platform has already prevented you from viewing jobs?

    Eventually, I wrote to the client and enquired if anything about my service was not pleasant to them. They responded that they thought that they were reviewing the platform and not the seller. The buy did edit the rating and I was able to view more jobs.

    That change in rating, however, did not reflect on my overall rating. It remained at 4.7 and I had to work hard to get it back to.

    Ask buyers to rate your work

    When a buyer wants to work with you, they look at the type of reviews that other people have left on your site. This is another reason you will want to provide quality work that will earn you positive reviews which in turn will make buyers confident in working with you.

    For anyone looking to sell services online, I would recommend that you consider giving Fiverr a shot

    It is important to note that Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick platform. You have to put in the work, slowly build your brand and reputation then over time, the money will come. In some instances, lady luck may smile on you, and everything works as you dreamed of but the probability is low.

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