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Home is where the heart is

    We enjoyed taking our 10 clock tea outside. It had become like a tradition. We had two kitchens, one in the main house and another that was outside. We used the latter to cook using firewood. My mother did not enjoy using the gas cooker during the day and as such, all cooking happened outside and with firewood.

    In that kitchen, you would find small seats, similar to benches only that they were smaller and shorter. As my mother placed the pot of boiling tea on the floor, the rest of us would set the benches outside. We would have tea with sweet potatoes or any other snack. One thing that I dared not touch even with a 10 ft. pole was leftover ugali.  I just don’t enjoy eating leftover ugali and tea.

     We would chat and laugh the morning away and before we knew it, it was mid-day. We would hurriedly share duties so that lunch would be ready on time. You see my parents were teachers and that meant that during school holidays, we spent time together. 

    Let’s share duties…

    We would divide chores amongst ourselves. My father’s role was constant; to bring firewood from the farm. My mother allocated duties to the rest of us and before long, we had had lunch and were taking the afternoon siesta.  My father loved watching Nat Geo world after lunch. He however could not sit through an entire episode because as soon as he started watching, he drifted to sleep.

    The remote always stayed by his side. When you reached out to change the channel, he would wake up from his nap and ask you to put his animal program back. Then he would fall asleep again. It got to a point where no one bothered about the remote in the afternoon.

    My brother enjoyed playing computer games. When there was no errand, he would lock himself in the bedroom and play games from his computer. My sister would be heard dying of laughter as she watched a series or movies. During those days, she loved keeping up with the Kardashians, watching botched and the Wendy Williams show.

    I would either sleep or read a book in my bedroom. At 5 o’clock, it was time for other duties to wind up the day. On a good day, I would help my dad to milk the cows. He would help me by restraining the cow in the milking shed and I would get busy milking. By now, it was nightfall. All animals in the shed, the rest of us in the house fingers crossed that elephants do not disrupt the peace.


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