Gone Chances

Store Value in all Friendships
August 12, 2015
Broken Loyalty
October 31, 2015

Gone Chances

Writing this with headphones on

While streaming Eminem’s Mockingbird,

May have let a second party in but

Nothing ever happened

Regretting every bit of that would be their portion.

Listening to this song floods a lot of nostalgic memories

About the first acquaintance meetings in the office, Facebook and all

All was heavenly and a little action sparked anxiety and butterflies.

When the old man would invite for coffee but was not available

Cause was in the sheets shielding from the cold weather.

The alarm was no longer functional and letting it snooze to silence was the trend

Would wake later and hurriedly have a cold shower and run

To try and show up for the coffee in time

Later in the day, it was a matter of discussion and always prayed

That jealousy and suspicion would not poison

Then song was a favorite but always sparked envious feelings

Whenever it played because it was a reminder that there

Existed another greater bondholder and deposing them

Was absolutely not a possibility

As expected, fear and insecurity became as core

As trust

Totally different lifestyles and views about everything

Did not help solve the situation

Not to mention the remorse that another bond, had been ruined

Probably sturdier and more faithful to what was forming

The little disagreements, all revolving around the same thing,

Added insult to injury.

The farewell was a bad row that mystified everything

And an online regret was not as real as a physical one

So when a long time crush showed up

Resisting the allure was totally outta question

Esteemed was the fact that honesty and

Truthfulness were practical

And despite the reaction,

The confession had to come anyway.

Reviving all that there was,

An effort that left one side frustrated

They say ‘If you make a bed, so you must lie’

Hesitant of where to step and place feet

Because a trip would be fatal and recovering is a tall tale.

Straightening up and stiffening that upper

Lip and holding them back.

Inability to change and salvage what is left

Is like being strapped by the feet and turned upside down


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