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Do not come back to my house.

    Do not come back to my house after you change school.

    A few weeks ago, I narrated how often my father and I failed to get along because of education. I remembered my sister. She got admitted to a prestigious high school after excellent perfomance. Her performance was impressive in her first year. By the way, she is also a writer and you can check out her content at https://nderisarah.com/

    However, when she got to Form 2, she started raining on her own parade and her performance dropped unbelievably. Now, my parents have different characters. My mother has always been laid back and quiet. She doesn’t show her claws if she doesn’t need to especially if my dad can handle that. Her children are also her weakness and so manipulating her is easy.

    My father on the other hand was not someone to accommodate teenage nonsense. He could smell your antics a mile away and call you out. When one of us was in form two, he used to say, “You are now in the stage when you and your ilk become mad. You start thinking you know stuff and become hard-headed. I am watching you. I am waiting for you. We shall see.”

    These words used to annoy the life out of me. I used to feel so attacked because he wasn’t even waiting for you to commit the crime, he used to let you know beforehand what will befall you when you try something stupid.

    I don’t want that school anymore

    Now, around this time when my sister’s performance is dropping, she also selected subjects. This means that her subjects became 7 instead of 14. Did her performance improve? Where did you hear that? (Ooliskia wapi?) To add insult to the injury, she claimed that she wanted to transfer because the school… no the students… actually she gave some excuse that I cannot remember.

    Now, the story about wanting to transfer would be narrated to my mother. And my mother, seeing how her daughter was in distress got down to work. She started looking for a school to take my sister. All these were done without the knowledge of my father.

    Do not come back.

    My mother got a school. A private school called Graceland and said that they would admit my sister the following year on condition that she scored nothing less than a B plain. I do not usually remember how my father got wind of that news. One evening over dinner, when my dad announced,” There are people who are being transferred to another school in this house. They should not come back to my house after they are through.”

    There was silence and all we did was steal low-key glances at each other. The next day, my mother called my sister and told her that the transfer was not going to be possible because, my dad. My sister was so angry that instead of asking my parents to buy her a mopping bucket and a rug to take to school, she quietly took my mother’s and went. My father never stopped laughing about this incident.

    You see, my father’s argument was simple. If she could score an A when the subjects were 14, he did not see a reason for her not to score the same after the subjects were reduced to 7. According to him, if she had been scoring the same A and then ask to be transferred, they would have had a discussion. Otherwise, he did not want to hear discussions about a change of schools.

    Whatever you are thinking is right. She went back to school and studied furiously. Since she could not take it out on dad, the books felt the wrath. she is now an Economics and Statistics graduate. She majored in Statistics. Today, she cannot understand how people fail in mathematics. The irony


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