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Home is where the heart is

    On a good day, I would help my dad to milk the cows. He would help me by restraining the cow in the milking shed and I would get busy milking.

    What will you become?

      Choices have consequences, so they say. But in our home, my dad came first and then consequences later. Every time you were about to do something stupid or play about with your studies, thinking about my dad was enough to shape you up. My father valued education and the only way any of us was going to enjoy a quiet and peaceful holiday was by performing well. One time I scored a mean score of… Read More »What will you become?

      There Is Rest In Death

        There is rest in death. She looked at me and said, “All I want is rest. And even in death, there is rest. She takes a deep breath and adds, “my main worry is what will happen to this boy when I die”. Charity is a single mother of a 15-year-old son who is severely autistic. His name is Luke. He is also hypoactive. He is interest is not piqued by anything. Even if you… Read More »There Is Rest In Death

        Burnt My House To Destroy Evidence Of Defiling My Daughter

          A mother with a 5-year-old little girl with a CP diagnosis needs help. She has two other children. Her daughter with Cerebral Palsy was defiled and while pursuing justice for her 5-year-old daughter with CP, they were threatened that their house would be burned down if they did not drop the case.  Four days later, their home along with 29 other houses in their neighbourhood were burnt down. (They were living in temporary housing made… Read More »Burnt My House To Destroy Evidence Of Defiling My Daughter