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Does Violence Have a Name? How About a Face?

    Does violence have a name? No? Okay, how about a face? I am half awake and from a distance, I can hear a female voice talking. I am not sure what she is saying but even if I am half asleep, I can tell that she is angry. First, I feel convinced that she is in the company of another lady. Perhaps they are leaving a house party and they are as high as kites. I am also certain that they are at… Read More »Does Violence Have a Name? How About a Face?

    Can Individuals With Down Syndrome Have Children?

      Can Individuals living with Down Syndrome have children? While not all women with Down Syndrome are able to have children, some are indeed fertile. However, 30-35% of these babies will be born with Down Syndrome. The fertility of men living with Down Syndrome is limited although there have been at least 3 cases where paternity of children was tied to fathers who were living with Down Syndrome. It is not clear if children born to fathers… Read More »Can Individuals With Down Syndrome Have Children?

      The Powerful Effect of Music Therapy

        The powerful effect of music therapy cannot be explained. Music therapy is an ancient form of therapy that uses certain facets of music to improve the physical, emotional and health wellbeing of an individual. Have you ever watched a movie or series and seen a character walk into the hospital wards playing instruments for patients? This is a form of music therapy that uses the instrument. Other forms of music therapy may include listening to music and… Read More »The Powerful Effect of Music Therapy

        Is Quarantine Homeschooling Tough For You?

          Is quarantine homeschooling tough For you? You’re not alone. Everyone of us was looking forward to a great year. We had all aligned the goals that we intended to achieve this year. It was going to be great. We would achieve a lot. No sooner had we settled into the year than the Covid-19 pandemic came knocking at our doors. Everything changed within a split second. Schools were closed, concerts were cancelled and working from home… Read More »Is Quarantine Homeschooling Tough For You?

          Of Baby Showers et al

            A hot sunny afternoon and I was lounging on on my couch when a call comes in. It was the lady who sells clothes to me. In my mind I was thinking ” I thought we agreed that I will not be taking anymore clothes because my finances can’t allow…” After checking on me and hinting that I should go and check out her new stock, and she doesn’t mind nikickua na deni, she drops the… Read More »Of Baby Showers et al

            Prisoner Of My Bitterness

              How can I let down my guard when the man who should have taught me about love shattered and broke me? How can I believe in myself when he made me believe that I was no good? I was not going to succeed in anything? I was going to get married to a villager and have a staircase of babies whom I will not manage to feed let alone educate? Everyday I question my achievements… Read More »Prisoner Of My Bitterness

              As a Woman, Excuse Me When I Call In Sick

                Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine. The talk went on and we started discussing how she went to hospital and found out that after two visits she had depleted her insurance cover. She could not even afford to buy the drugs that she needed. We talked about how hard it is to get a leave at work. She expressed how sometimes someone in the HR presses her to bring a sick off… Read More »As a Woman, Excuse Me When I Call In Sick