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Behind The Scenes During Content Creation

    This video of ‘Behind the scenes during Content Creation‘ shows the number of retakes that goes on before we achieve the actual content. A lot of effort and work goes into the process. I cannot count the number of times I woke up not feeling like generating content. However, because I am committed to a cause, I leave that bed and go do my thing. Sometimes, life happens and you find yourself taking a break from… Read More »Behind The Scenes During Content Creation

    Oh Holy Night Sax Cover

      During this festive season, I recorded my first audio Sax Cover of the song ‘Oh Holy Night’. The backtrack is done by https://youtu.be/3876fzAz3eE

      Of Baby Showers et al

        A hot sunny afternoon and I was lounging on on my couch when a call comes in. It was the lady who sells clothes to me. In my mind I was thinking ” I thought we agreed that I will not be taking anymore clothes because my finances can’t allow…” After checking on me and hinting that I should go and check out her new stock, and she doesn’t mind nikickua na deni, she drops the… Read More »Of Baby Showers et al

        My Newfound Love

          was seven going to eight when we moved to the country side. I had gotten so used to town life that I was unable to hack the Shaggz life. The noise, hooting cars, chanting hawkers, street lights in the night was the order of the order of the day. In a blink of an eye, it had changed. I found myself in a quiet neighborhood. Unlike the brick walls in the city, homes were fenced with K-apple.… Read More »My Newfound Love