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Do not come back to my house.

    My sister was so angry that instead of asking my parents to buy her a mopping bucket and a rug to take to school, she quietly took my mother’s and went. My father never stopped laughing about this incident.

    Inheritable Type of Down Syndrome

      Do you know which type of Down Syndrome can be inherited? By this I mean passed from the mother to the child. Down Syndrome is caused by having extra genetic material in the body. We have three types of Down Syndrome; Trisomy 21, Mosaic and Translocation. First, translocation type of Down syndrome which also happens to be the rarest type can be passed from a parent to their child. This type of Down Syndrome will occur when the extra… Read More »Inheritable Type of Down Syndrome

      Do You Know Why Down Syndrome is Called Trisomy 21?

        Do you know why Down Syndrome is called Trisomy 21? First, the name Trisomy refers to the condition in which there are three instances of chromoses instead of two. Trisomy 21, therefore, refers to the condition where the chromosome number 21 is in threes instead of two. You see, during conception, the baby receives 23 chromosomes from the mother and the same number from the father. In total, the baby will have 46 chromosomes which is what a healthy baby… Read More »Do You Know Why Down Syndrome is Called Trisomy 21?

        Why The Name Down Syndrome

          Most of us know about the condition called Down Syndrome. However, have you ever stopped to wonder, ‘Why the name Down Syndrome? In 1846, somewhere in Devon, a young man called John was walking in the fields in company of his parents. All of a sudden, it started raining and they ran into the nearest homestead to seek shelter. As they sat, a young girl served them tea. She caught John’s attention. She looked different. Her facial features… Read More »Why The Name Down Syndrome

          Frequently Asked Questions About Down Syndrome

            Most individuals do not know about Down Syndrome until their child or member of the family is born with the condition.This has led to a lot questions surrounding this condition to be asked frequently. In my case, I understood what this condition was long after my sister had passed on. Interestingly, I did not learn what I know from my parents. I learnt in school, books and much later, the internet. Doctors or parents, who knows more? I realized… Read More »Frequently Asked Questions About Down Syndrome

            Down Syndrome and Celebral Palsy

              Down Syndrome and Cerebral palsy are two conditions that are quite common. But, is there a similarity ? Can the two conditions occur simultaneously? Recently, I posted a video describing what Down Syndrome is in a certain group on WhatsApp. One of the members asked if this condition was caused by long labor during delivery. She noted that her medic pointed out that this was the cause of Down Syndrome in her child. I gave my opinion… Read More »Down Syndrome and Celebral Palsy

              Why The Pneumonia Wouldn’t Go Away

                Dear Faith, I was having coffee with a family friend of ours. I inquired about his sister and I learnt that she is now in Form one. I leaned back in my chair and counted the years and I realized that you would have turned thirteen this year. Also, we marked twelve years since your demise this month, 19th March. You and she had an age difference of two years. I also realized that maybe,… Read More »Why The Pneumonia Wouldn’t Go Away

                Facts About Down Syndrome

                  Just how much do you know about Down syndrome? How much of that information is accurate? These few tips will help you answer the questions: Down Syndrome is a condition and not a disease. It is Down syndrome and not Downs syndrome. Also, do not refer to a baby as a Downs child  it is offensive. It is polite to say, “that individual has Down syndrome.” This condition does not define who they are or what they… Read More »Facts About Down Syndrome

                  Pneumonia and Down Syndrome

                    Early this week I was sitting in a matatu while going to work and it hit me that it was World Pneumonia Day. I remembered that this was the monster that put my sister down until she passed on. You see, she had Down Syndrome and her immune system was weak. She suffered from recurring pneumonia until she could not fight anymore. Pneumonia is one of the respiratory infections that are associated with Down Syndrome.… Read More »Pneumonia and Down Syndrome