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Can Individuals With Down Syndrome Have Children?

    Can Individuals living with Down Syndrome have children? While not all women with Down Syndrome are able to have children, some are indeed fertile. However, 30-35% of these babies will be born with Down Syndrome.

    The fertility of men living with Down Syndrome is limited although there have been at least 3 cases where paternity of children was tied to fathers who were living with Down Syndrome. It is not clear if children born to fathers with Down Syndrome will also have the condition.

    Additionally, one in every 800 babies who are born will have Down Syndrome. That means that we have more people living with the condition than we can imagine.

    The nose of an Individual who has Down Syndrome

    A flattened facial profile is among the physical Features of individuals with Down Syndrome. These individuals have a flattened nose and lack a nasal bridge too.

    Can people living with Down Syndrome drive?

    In Kenya, I have no idea. However, if an individual has passed the driving tests or exams, then they should not be barred from acquiring a driving license. The kind of work undertaken by individuals with Down syndrome varies from person to person.

    There are celebrated artists, actors, dancers and musicians who are living with the condition. In all these cases, adequate job training and supervision is crucial.

    How does Down Syndrome affect learning?

    Down syndrome causes mild to severe intellectual development which is recognized as impaired learning, social, and vocational ability. This means that cognitive development is stunted. Children with Down syndrome often have to learn in special classes, as normal classes may not be meeting the child’s learning needs.

    Moreover, another common problem with cognitive development for children with Down syndrome is the ability to generalize – to apply what they have learned in one a situation to another situation. Children with Down syndrome are often taught one thing multiple times. Short attention spans are common in children with Down syndrome.


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