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Burnt My House To Destroy Evidence Of Defiling My Daughter

    A mother with a 5-year-old little girl with a CP diagnosis needs help. She has two other children. Her daughter with Cerebral Palsy was defiled and while pursuing justice for her 5-year-old daughter with CP, they were threatened that their house would be burned down if they did not drop the case.

     Four days later, their home along with 29 other houses in their neighbourhood were burnt down. (They were living in temporary housing made with highly flammable material).

    Yes, such things happen…a family is willing to sweep their son’s inhumane acts against a 5-year-old than help seek justice for the innocent child that he hurt. The case is now in court and so no more information can be shared.

    Meanwhile this mom of 3 now has to start over again…everything was consumed in the fire including a double decker bed some well-wishers had donated in 2019.

    So here is our wish list

    Clothes for the four of them.

     (With KES 10,000 or 100 USD we will send them to Think Twice (a second hand clothes shop) and everyone will have several changes of clothes. Your donated items can be sent to a central collection point- we hope you can pay for the cost of delivery as well).

    Household items that include kitchen utensils, beds (a decker & single bed preferred because of room size), Meko gas (banner and cylinder), beddings etc.

    A gas cylinder and burner costs KES 5,000 or 50 USD

    A bed costs KES 10k/ 100 USD

    Food. KES 5,000 / 50 USD for a month’s supply

    Diapers – children’s medium size. (KES 745/ 7.45 USD for soft care…other brands welcome).

    How you can help

    You can donate to my PayPal. All money collected will be given to the mother of the children. Additionally, if you wish to support more causes like this, join our Patreon and select the “Impact a Life” tier.

    PayPal: nderiteresa@gmail.com



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