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Behind The Scenes During Content Creation

    This video of ‘Behind the scenes during Content Creation‘ shows the number of retakes that goes on before we achieve the actual content.

    A lot of effort and work goes into the process. I cannot count the number of times I woke up not feeling like generating content. However, because I am committed to a cause, I leave that bed and go do my thing.

    Sometimes, life happens and you find yourself taking a break from creating content. I have found this to be the biggest mistake I make. Resuming and picking up from where I left is usually a mental job.

    I have to talk to myself, advice and convince myself why I need to go back to my grind. Often, I reprimand myself because of even quitting or taking a break in the first place.

    I also remember the number of people I have partnered with, others whom I have contacted directly and not to mention the huge following that I have gathered. This is the number one motivator. The reasons why I am going to stay focused to the end.

    Additionally, inspite of all the challenges, when I am looking at my analytics after a successful upload, I am a happy person. I feel grateful that I defeated the feeling of not wanting to post in the first place.

    Moreover, the growth that comes with every post that I make on my social platforms encourages me to keep going because at the end of the day, these small successes will all come together to bring me something good, something massive.


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