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As a Woman, Excuse Me When I Call In Sick

    Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine. The talk went on and we started discussing how she went to hospital and found out that after two visits she had depleted her insurance cover. She could not even afford to buy the drugs that she needed. We talked about how hard it is to get a leave at work. She expressed how sometimes someone in the HR presses her to bring a sick off from a doctor every time she calls in sick. Sometimes she is not even sick, she just has painful cramps and can’t even get out of bed. How is she expected to arrive at the doctor’s? Mind you, this person within HR is a lady.I mean, people, give us some breathing space.

    You see, you work in a male dominated environment. If you call in sick, you may be expected to come with a written something from the doctor. When for sure your back is killing you, you have rectal pains until you can’t walk straight, and your male boss is there waiting for you to take a prescription from the doctor. How on earth will you do that?

    Then there is this irritating question “Where are you sick?”  If I wanted you to know, I’d have volunteered the information. I mean what is there to say? That over the previous years I haven’t been having cramps but nowadays it is so bad that I feel like my lower abdomen is literally falling? That I have to walk to the bathroom holding on to the wall while clutching onto my stomach at the same time? There are nights I will wake up and pace around the house because no  sleeping position seem to ease the pain?

    I can hardly make a trip to my living room so don’t expect me to go and get a prescription from anywhere. All the time, we just want to lie down face upward, place a hot water bottle on our lower abdomen and remind ourselves why we are not having babies anytime soon. And don’t tell me that having a baby is the solution. I am not sure I want to go through it yet.

    I feel that being unwell falls in the “private space”. If I haven’t offered to tell where I am suffering from, it means it is not for you to know. In a nutshell, there are certain times of the month when I’ll say that I am unwell and I don’t want to be asked to elaborate. I am sure womenfolk out here feel my rant.


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